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【6】(pizzafriday) This is kind of morbid. In the 6th grade I was friends with this kid. I remember one day telling him about an episode of Rescue 911 that I saw where a guy was driving an ATV in a field and didn’t see that there was a barbed wire. Here is the episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKE5EL28cbo

这个故事有点瘆人。六年级时我和这孩子是朋友,我记得有一天跟他讲Rescue 911里面有一集,有个人在地里开着沙滩车,然后没看到带刺铁丝网。这是视频链接。

Fast forward a year, and this kid started to make really mean comments about me. He would make fun of my appearance and how my family had no money in front of everyone. I am from an immigrant family and he would always tell me to “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.” Middle school was really tough on me because of kids like him, but held back from fighting him because I knew nothing good would come from it.


Fast forward to the summer after high school graduation, that kid was driving an ATV in a field, didn’t see the barbed wire and was decapitated. Weird that 7 years prior, I had described to my future tormentor exactly how he will die.




【7】(TheRealSplinter) I ran into my high school bully at a gay bar a few years back. He was my bottom that night.



【8】(Wig_Splitter) I was working in a video rental store in Houston, circa 1989, about two years after I graduated high school. In comes a girl that had always been awful to me from 10th grade to graduation. She would cross a room just to say something mean, and I had no history with this girl at all. I had never actually said a word to her, all our exchanges were just her saying something mean to me. I didn’t even know her last name. I must have reminded her of someone…



She comes into the store and sheepishly said that she wanted 3 dirty movies. She didn’t seem to remember me. She said her best friend was getting married and she wanted some dirty movies for the bachelorette party. The shop had a small ‘adult’ room that you had to access by coming behind the counter, but she didn’t want to go in there.



She asked me to select three films. She was squirming with embarrassment as I tried to find out what she was ‘into’ and kind of acted like I thought the films were for her and her alone. She said, ‘just grab three ‘good’ ones, I don’t care’… So I selected three all lesbian porn’s and she slunk out with them. I would have loved to see the look on their faces when they popped those tapes in.



She returned them thru the night drop so she wouldn’t have to look anyone in the eye when she brought them back. She rented on her parents account. I sent a notice thru the mail to her parents that ‘Mona’s Three Way Cunt Party’ had been returned damaged and they owed us 30 dollars.



【9】(doctorknow) They’re all fat and bald. Granted, I’m also fat, but I’ve always been fat so it’s a moot point. But I have a wonderful head of hair and they don’t. Nanny nanny boo boo.

那些欺负人的家伙现在又胖又秃。确实,咱也胖啊,不过咱一直都是胖子,所以毫无损失。但是咱有浓密的头发,他们没有啊。噜啦啦噜啦啦噜啦噜啦啦~♪(´ε` )


【10】(thegleaker) Dealt with a shit head in highschool. Smaller guy, made up for it by being really, really aggressive. I was kind of small, too, so he could push me around. Not really a lot of constant bullying, just random acts of being a shit head.


Fast forward a few years. I’m bigger. Much bigger. I’m tall, I’m no longer rail-thin, I’ve lost my glasses because of LASIK, and I’m happy. I’ve almost entirely forgot about this guy until I see him across the dining room at a restaurant.



His appetizers have just arrived, and my bill has just arrived. I pay up, leave a generous tip, and wander over to this guy. Stopping next to him at his table, I say “Hi.” He looks at me, and I can see recognition flash across his eyes. He’s eating wings. I reach down, take one, and calmly eat it. I toss the bone back onto his plate. “Nice seeing you again.” Then I leave.


The look on his face at my random act of being a shit head was pretty amazing.








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    第七个内容真是简单明了信息量大 然后第六个的网址视频已删除……

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      Rescue 911" Pool Neighbor Save; ATV Barbed Wire 

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        打錯……Rescue 911
        ATV Barbed Wire (Season 2, Episode 26)

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