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I was 16 at the time and a girl from school had her friends tell me she liked me so I made plans to go the movies with her that weekend. My sister and her boyfriend were going to the movies as well and he had a truck and offered us to squeeze in and give us a ride.



He takes me to her house and her father answers the door. He is a dickwad off the bat, and is asking me a bunch of questions. We go outside and get in the truck and he comes running out screaming saying “NO WAY! THERES NO WAY YOU’RE RIDING IN THERE!”.




It was really awkward and my sister said “well we will go home and get my dads car and then we will go”. He said ok and we went back to my house and my dad offered us a ride. We get there and are standing in line for the movies. and Then I hear someone yelling her name. We turn around and its her dad gesturing for her to go to him. She goes over there and he is telling her that he followed us and knows we didn’t go back and get the other car, and even after explaining for 15 minutes that my dad ended up giving us a ride, he stood there and watched us buy the tickets and walk inside before he left. I never asked her out again.





TLDR; psycho dad followed me and date to movie





Your not alone, my first date was with a firefighters daughter. My dad drove me and the girl to the movie theater. The whole time I’m thinking we were being followed but didn’t want to say anything. As we’re in line buying tickets I see her dad in the crowd giving me the I’m watching you signal. Creeped me out. End of that. No dating girls with scary dads.




I had that happen to a girl on a date. We were at the end of dinner and suddenly her eyes got really wide and she bolted to the restroom in the middle of our conversation. I’ve been to Iraq and I remember that look. That’s the look of a person in the midst of an intense race for their dignity.



I paid the check, gathered her things, and made sure I was in line of sight with the restroom. The second she walked out, I could tell she lost the race, but I was determined to save her dignity.



I offered her my coat, which was pretty long, saying that it would probably be warmer than hers and said I needed to smoke so my window would be down while driving if it didn’t bother her to much.



We got to my car and she froze when I opened the door for her. I could almost see her spirit crumble when she said “I can’t sit in your car. I crapped my pants”. Just the way she said it made me chuckle. It was like she thought, “I’m owning this. I may have shit myself, but I’m not smellifying this car”.



I keep emergency ponchos in my car. I laid one down and drove her home with the window down.




I have a lot of social anxiety issues, especially around touching, mostly due to lack thereof.



We’d both expressed interest in each other but I wasn’t sure it was worth the emotional effort, but then we were the only ones of our friends who showed up to a rock concert. Later I walked him home thinking, y’know, this is nice, I’m kind of into this, and then he tries to kiss me and I literally just panic and go stiff as a board and say “eep.”



He backs off and is like “okay… nevermind?” and I just blurt out “Maybe try this again when I am drunker?” Face palms all round.







[–]asskinsMy boyfriend at the end of high school was a loner and had serious social anxiety issues. We thought we were desperately in love and conducted an extensive epistolary romance, but didn’t talk out loud about much and rarely went out.



His favorite musical was coming to town, and I asked him if he wanted to go–and, in an effort to broaden our social horizons, double date with one of his closest friends and his girlfriend (my friend). He said yes. Because neither of us could drive, he also had to go to dinner with the other two beforehand and meet up with me at the show. I think he liked the show itself, but the situation was too much. BF shut down and wouldn’t talk to anyone including me, and even shrank from brushing up against me. When I got home, he called me crying and repeatedly apologized. I felt so utterly powerless to help. I feel bad that I wasn’t equipped to deal at the time.


tl;dr: social anxiety can wreak havoc



[–][deleted]As a guy who deals with social anxiety, you did what you needed to do. If you ever deal with something similar, and it’s worth it to you, simply staying with him until he gets to the point where he can rationalize his thoughts and being there to assure him that things are ok will help him tremendously. Reason makes no sense when we’re being irrational, and we know we are being irrational ourselves, it just takes some time to get through it.







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