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Was an English Teacher in Japan at a high school. I had the foreign-hot factor going for me, plus I was 21,22 at the time so by far the youngest teacher at the school.



When I first started, there was a comedian in one of my best classes. Genuinely funny, even in English (which is rare for a 16 year old learning a language). I only taught him his first year, but would see him around the hallways afterwards. He regularly asked me what my favorite food was, and if I would like to go get it with him. I’d say, “Maybe next time!” He eventually asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend in a film his class was making for a field trip. Of course I said yes, and the scene involved him introducing me to his friends in class, me linking arms with him, smiling and saying, “Hi! I’m quetzlthethird!”



Another time, I had one freshman student run up to me dragging his friend, and proceed to try and tell my in English his friend had a crush on me. Only, he didn’t know how to say it in English, so it came out like “My friend!” he grabs his friend in a headlock “My friend! He… you!…” then proceeded to ask the other students around how to say, “My friend has a crush on you in English. I laughed, pretended not to understand (the friend was tomato red by then), and said I had to get going, and to have a nice day.




As an exchange student in Japan, I had the same thing(s) happen to me!

Girls were literally all over my friends and I, and I don’t consider myself too handsome (I’m certainly not George Clooney).





Fuck it, I’m going to Japan.




No. We’re going to Japan.




I used to babysit a little boy that would get dressed up for me whenever I came over. He was really smooth about it though. If he knew he was going to be babysat, his mom said he would dress nice for the whole day to not arouse suspicion. He would only play his video games and do really non-active things so he didn’t get his clothes messed up. His tell was that he combed his hair, which he never did without being told. He was the little brother of my best friend at the time, so I knew what he was really like, but it’s like when I babysat him it was date night or something. We would play board games and when I had him put his pjs on, they would be the really nice 2-piece button up ones. He never tried anything, thankfully, but I thought it was so damn cute.

当过一个小孩的保姆,他每次都会在我来之前好好打扮。他真的很熟练,如果他知道我要来,他妈说他会花一整天来打扮,以免引起注意。他只会玩游戏或是做些不会把衣服弄乱的事,他会梳头,在以前被敦促前是不会做的。他是我闺蜜的弟弟,所以我知道他真正是怎么样的,但每次我照顾他都好像是去约会似的。我们会玩桌游,当我给他换上睡衣的时候,睡衣总是都扣紧了的。他一直这样,我真的觉得这样很可爱。结尾这一段有点不是特别懂,不大确定这个2-piece button up one 具体是什么意思,有明白的希望能够指教。




I had crushes on my babysitters when I was little too. I was too little to remember but my mom reminds me that I would always ask for the “girl with the hair like vanilla ice cream”




Older girl comes to your house to take care of you — what’s not to love?




I had the biggest crush on my first grade teacher and would always sneak around to the parking lot side of the school and pick dandelions for her.



[–]Furtherthanfurther 576

Had a teacher in high school who met up with students after they graduated and slept with them. I heard he got fired and arrested this past year because he decided to take a chance on one of his current students and asked her out to coffee and back to his place. Unbeknownst to him, she was lesbian and went and told the administration right away.



[–]alex54231 3

I remember I had a teacher who sat me right next to her desk because “I spoke too much and distracted other students” I was in a big class, taught by two teachers. While the other one was teaching, she would talk to me. Ask me things while she smiled at me. But I think either a) I was her favorite student, or b) I was her favorite student




“Yo, Ms. Kanyesbathroommirror, you look nice today.”

“Yo, Ms. Kanyesbathroommirror, my eighteenth birthday is next month.”

“You don’t understand, Ms. Kanyesbathroommirror, I got it bad for you, yo.”

“Hey, Ms. Kanyesbathroommirror: I had a dream about you last night.”








I was teaching organic chemistry last year. Was 25 and I’ve come to realize that I’m quite attractive. Plus being a swimmer doesn’t hurt. Anyways, one female student would come to my office hours to shamelessly flirt with me under the pretense that she needed extra help. Turns out she did. I told her that I would only continue meeting with her if she came prepared with all her work done, in her handwriting. So she did. Moved from near the bottom of the class to getting the second highest score on the final exam. I flirted back every so often, though very subtly. I never told her that I was gay.





I’m not especially attractive or anything, but when I was in Korea teaching ESL, I was the token white guy at a school in a small town called Jeonju. The principal would actually lend me out to other schools so they could brag to the parents that they had a white guy on staff. I went to this one school once a week, and the kids would freak out whenever they saw me, pushing and shoving each other to get closer and give me candies or whatever. When I was sitting in the office, they’d all be pressed at the window fighting to get a look at me.



Once one of them played a joke on their friend and opened the office door and pushed her in there with me, slamming the door behind her. So it was just her and I in there, and a crowd of kids laughing their asses off outside. The kid was so embarrassed that she just started pounding on the door for them to let her back out. It was like they’d pushed her into the gorilla’s cage at the zoo.







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    2-piece button up ones是指睡衣的上衣是用扣子的那种,ones指睡衣

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    Q.Which one?
    A.The XXX one. one翻过来是那个/那种

    2-piece button up 说的是小孩的那种衣服裤子一套的睡衣



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